Project Description

1.     Heavy current

  • Delivery and installation of transformers and transformer terminals of the LV side

  • LV and compensation switchboards

  • Climbing routes and cable routes for the HVAC system, electrical installations, measurement and control

  • Switchboards for each floor

  • Complete cable system for the HVAC system and for measurement and control

  • Lighting

  • Emergency lighting – central battery system

  • Diesel generator

  • Lightning rod, grounding and potential compensation

  • Heating of a drive-up ramp

2.     Light current

  • Electric fire signalling

  • Centres for pressure ventilation

  • CCTV system

  • Access control

  • Intercom for entry into various parts of floors

  • Parking system in the garages, including a payment system for parking spaces and ramps

  • Security equipment

  • Evacuation radio system

  • Assistance signalling system for the handicapped in toilets

  • TV cabling