PPA Power DS s.r.o.

PPA Power DS s.r.o. was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of PPA Control Inc. upon separation of distribution and management activities of PPA Power s.r.o.

The main reasons that led to the establishment of the new company are presented in the following three points

Focus of activity

  • Comprehensive industrial site management
  • Management and administrative management
  • Operation of energy distribution networks and facilities
  • Facility management
  • comprehensive management of office buildings
  • Servicing, repairing and inspection of equipment
  • Energy distribution networks (establishment and registration)
  • Supply of energy (electricity, gas, water and heat)
  • Energy audit and optimisation services, Power IEM


PPA Power DS s.r.o.
Vajnorská 137, 830 00 Bratislava
Phone: + 421 2 492 37 216
Fax: + 421 2 492 37 213
E-mail: ppa@ppapower.sk


PPA Power DS s.r.o. is a long-term alternative supplier of electricity. As part of this activity, the company deals with the purchase and sale of electricity. We have begun with the first supplies of electricity to our clients in 2002.

The company purchases electricity in a liberalised electricity market, where the reference values ​​for the central European region are the stock-exchanges EEX in Leipzig and PXE in Prague. All activities related to the purchase and sale of electricity are managed and carried out in accordance with applicable regulations issued by the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (RONI).

The company holds valid licenses for the sale and distribution of electricity.

Supply of electricity is also one of the main activities of PPA Power DS s.r.o. When choosing an electricity supplier, the following two aspects are important:

  • The basic price of electricity, which is determined by the customer’s subscription properties.

  • Ancillary products and services, by which the supplier may affect the total cost of electricity.

The first aspect creates a price effect. In a little liquid market, such as the Slovak one, the price of electricity is not going to be a significantly differentiating factor between individual suppliers.

The supply properties (consumption diagram) and the overall consumption must be therefore affected in such a way to create positive quantitative effect reducing the overall consumption. This process is difficult and requires close cooperation with professionals.

Other services that the company offers in connection with the supply of energy are:

  • Analysis of market price trends in energy commodity market

  • Development of strategies for buying electricity and gas

  • Current consumption control = removal of financial penalties

  • Detailed and transparent accounting of energy consumptions

  • Consumption chart via internet energy management PowerIEM in real-time

This concerns primarily the following activities:

  • Management of electricity consumption through efficient energy controlling, resulting in savings in the price of electricity.

  • Development of consumption diagrams – proposals to predict the expected amount of electricity consumption.

  • Proposal to determine the optimal value of reserved capacity – RK (kW) in terms of minimising costs through:

    • the length of validity of RK

    • sufficient reserves for expected fluctuations in the production process

  • Centralised surveillance – Power IEM (Internet energy management)

    • Continuous surveillance of consumption parameters

      • Comprehensive “online” view of the profile of your energy situation

      • Reserve capacity

      • Comparison of current electricity consumption with quarterly amount of the form of prediction.

      • Optimum monitoring of reactive supply and cos fi (reactive consumption).

    • Instant notification in case of incorrectness in consumption and non-compliance with the agreed parameters.

  • Comprehensive solutions and remedies to tweak electricity consumption profiles.

  • Quick identification of the possible occurrence of adverse events in energy consumption.

  • Immediate export of cost reduction measures of identified adverse events.

Today perhaps everyone knows the difference between the standard and energy saving bulb, which is correctly called a compact fluorescent lamp. Standard bulb produces quite a lot of heat and little light. Energy saving bulb on the contrary, since it heats the surrounding area less, it achieves greater efficiency by about 80%. It is therefore more efficient appliance which, despite the higher purchase price, is worthwhile. After all, why pay for heat, when all we want is light?

It is apparent that the present technologies open up new and more effective solutions, not only in the field of lighting. New designs, new materials and processes, all this helps to reduce the energy consumption. Our customers receive expert advice that results in processes to achieve savings.

Energy audit focuses on the detection of inefficient energy consumption and also searches for any other energy leakages that can be eliminated. We focus on all the areas that consume too much energy (electricity, gas, heat), while producing too little useful work in today’s standards.

An energy audit results in:

  • Identification of inefficient areas of energy management

  • Proposal of low-cost and easily recoverable measures (up to 2 years)

  • Proposal of long-term investment in improving the efficiency of energy use (return horizon 2-5 years)

  • Management summary of the energy audit

  • Implementation of austerity measures

Power IEM (Internet Energy Management) is an information system based on web technologies. The main features offered by PowerIEM:

  • Online observation of the current energy consumption in the standard measurement periods.

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the parameters of your consumption.

  • Tracking of your immediate and billing financial costs.

  • Records of the agreed parameters of energy consumption.

  • Alerting when the set parameters are exceeded.
    Preparation and sending of outputs and reports required by the legislation.

Optimisation package is part of the PowerIEM, which takes care of optimising your energy consumption. Optimisation in the context of modern trends is broken down as follows: Optimising by load shedding – by shedding energy-important appliances, which have little impact on the continuation of production at the time of peak load. This load shedding is carried out by a control system for managing 1/4 h maximum. This optimisation method is called “back door”, i.e. a last resort because frequent shedding of equipment may adversely affect the production process and equipment life. Thorough planning of production is therefore important, i.e. optimisation by planning, as described in the next section. Optimisation by load shedding is ensured by the IEMpeak module. Optimisation by planning – by monitoring the course of consumption across the company as well as energy and technologically important equipment. For this step it is necessary to build a measurement network of these appliances. Based on the collected data, it is possible to plan production so as to achieve optimum energy consumption and thereby lower price. This functionality is ensured by the IEMplan module.

The overall task of energy distribution is to transfer energy from point A to point B, in the form of electricity, gas or heat. This typically involves the distribution from the point of production or purchase of energy to the point of delivery of the customer.

In the Slovak Republic we distribute energy in a number of local distribution networks. Local networks form defined areas where we act as a local distributor and all our activities fall under the supervision of RONI.

Corporate responsibility of PPA Power DS s.r.o. in this activity is as follows:

  • Creation and registration of local distribution networks.

  • Ensuring trouble-free distribution of energy within a defined territory.

  • Operation of power facilities (transformer stations, substations, control stations) used for energy distribution.

  • Minimisation of power cuts, usually by using an alternative, independent power line.

  • Measurement and online monitoring of energy.

  • Network expansion for new customers and in increasing the volume of energy.

  • Performance of activities in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Comprehensive management of industrial parks and buildings includes an extensive variety of services:

Management and administration

  • Performance of administration management

  • Administrative management

  • Reports – monthly reports, annual management reports

  • Budgets

  • Technical issues

Technical administration

  • Economic operation of buildings and energy facilities

  • Preventive maintenance service

  • Scheduled service

  • Non-stop 24-hour emergency service

  • Maintenance after a fault – repair

  • Technical inspections and reviews of selected technical equipment

  • Administration and records

Facility management

  • Maintenance of buildings

  • Maintenance of greenery

  • Summer and winter maintenance of roads

  • Sewage maintenance.

  • Waste Management

  • Wastewater treatment plants

  • Protection of property

  • Rodent control

Industrial parks and logistics centres are established in the Slovak Republic in order to centralise industry and logistics in a common area. This results in higher efficiency of operations, shortening of delivery dates and also in simplification of the movement of goods. This gives rise to local distribution networks (LDS).

Our experience in operating LDS dates back to the time of construction of the first industrial park in western Slovakia.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services to clients so that they are freed from worrying about the surrounding of buildings, energy installations, and maintenance and support activities.

Activities of PPA Power DS s.r.o. in the operation of LDS:

  • Energy distribution within the area of LDS.

  • Operation of facilities used to run LDS, common facilities and equipment for energy distribution.

The main purpose of this product is to provide comprehensive implementation services to our customers.

Comprehensive services in the implementation of our contracts include the following:

  • Solution design

  • legislative representation

  • Implementation of project documentation

  • Implementation of deliveries

  • Implementation of assembly

  • Reviews and tests

  • Implementation of warranty and post-warranty service

The aim of this service is to deliver equipment or facility to a customer, together with taking responsibility of all stages of implementation and its subsequent use and operation.

The areas we are focusing on in the provision of these services are:

  • Implementation of investment construction

  • Implementation of medium, large and overhaul repairs of facilities managed and operated by us.

Cogeneration or otherwise combined heat and power production is considered the third millennium technology and is becoming part of the modern and economically efficient energy management. It is the production of electricity in such a place and in such amount in which it is possible to use waste heat to generate electricity.

(e.g. agriculture, industry, office buildings as well as apartment buildings). Cogeneration significantly saves the environment.

By working with PPA, you get:

  • Development of feasibility study

  • Turnkey” construction of energy sources with the possibility of co-financing individual projects.

  • Implementation of sources to local distribution networks

  • Reliable operation

  • Possibility of obtaining subsidies for the production of electricity and heat from renewable sources in a cost-effective way.

  • 40% lower environmental burden compared with separate production of electricity and heat.

Everybody in our neighbourhood, as well as all living organisms have the ability to radiate infrared – electromagnetic radiation from their surface. This feature gives us a unique opportunity to examine objects in a contactless manner, because the radiated energy carries information on the current condition and characteristics of the object. Today’s modern thermo graphic cameras are capable to read this radiation and process it into a form that a skilled person based on his expertise and experience can read all of the useful information. This gained information further gives the opportunity to analyse in detail the condition and characteristics of the examined object. Therefore, it is possible to apply thermovision measurements in a range of disciplines such as: electrical power engineering, construction, mechanical engineering, medicine and so on.

The purpose of thermovision measurement is to detect cases where the condition of the object under examination is not considered to be normal operating mode (overheating, heat layoffs, etc.). By measuring, such cases can be detected and identified in a timely manner. The subsequent intervention can prevent the emergence of financial and material damages, whether to an object or a whole group of devices which are part of it (power lines, switchboards, machines, etc.).

By using thermovision measurements, we are able to:

  • Monitor power lines and detect any fault on the lines

  • Identify incorrect dimensioning of lines or connections

  • Identify overheating of electrical equipment components

  • Identify excessive wear or overload of electrical equipment components

  • Identify problematic parts of installations for the production, transmission or distribution of electricity

As part of thermovision measurements, we offer:

  • Inspection of electrical equipment or lines

  • Quotation

  • Performance of thermo-vision measurement

  • Processing and analysis of measured data

  • Design of solutions to remedy problems identified

  • Reporting on measurements

  • Consultation with the customer

  • Delivery and implementation of assembly or installation

Economic life and failure rate of machinery and all components of electrical equipment depends on the condition of the network, thus on its quality. Network quality also has a significant impact on the amount of electricity consumed and also on the non-compliance with the contract terms of its distribution, which entails heavy fines. These are all factors that cause unnecessary higher operating costs and in some cases great material damage. The network quality means compliance with standard operating parameters of electrical energy, based on the standards and recommendations of manufacturers of machinery and electrical equipment. The network quality is defined according to STN EN 50160, which defines and describes the characteristics of the supply voltage concerning the frequency, size, waveform and symmetry of extreme tension.

Poor network quality may be caused by sources of interference, such as:

  • Induction and arc furnaces

  • Electric traction

  • Unbalanced phases load (single-phase load)

  • Electrical semiconductor devices

  • Rectifiers and frequency converters

  • Thyristor-controlled drives

  • Generators

Poor network quality may cause (consequence of interference):

  • Flashing of lights (flicker effect)

  • Additional heating of transformers

  • Electricity line load

  • Damage to sensitive equipment

  • Corrosion of terminals

  • Faulty operation of control devices and security features

  • Additional losses on capacitors and rotary machines

  • Additional noise of engines and other devices

  • Additional operating losses

  • Reduction of equipment life

  • The emergence of unwanted resonant phenomena in the network

  • Increase in errors of measurement and control equipment

By measuring the network quality, we can detect:

  • Fluctuations in power frequency

  • Size of supply voltage

  • Supply voltage variations

  • Rapid voltage changes

  • Supply voltage drops

  • Short-term and long-term interruption of supply voltage

  • Temporary and transient excess voltages at mains frequency between working conductors and earth

  • Asymmetry of supply voltage

  • Harmonic and interharmonic voltage

  • Voltage of signals in the network superimposed on the supply voltage

Within the measurement of network quality service, we offer:

  • Inspection of electrical equipment and lines

  • Quotation

  • Performance of network quality measurement by using network analysers and other devices at specified points of mains

  • Processing and analysis of measured data

  • Design of solutions to remedy problems identified

  • Reporting on measurements

  • Consultation with the customer

  • Delivery and implementation of assembly or installation

Nowadays, it is a must to monitor energy consumption by regular obtaining of information on measured values ​​anywhere you go. Our system offers the following possibilities:

  • Online view of energy consumption in the form of graphs

  • Clearly graphically and numerically processed history of measurement data

  • Automatic notification of anomalies or overrun of the monitored parameters in consumption via SMS message and/or e-mail

  • Preferred view and preview of invoices for energy consumption

  • Access the online service measurements anywhere and anytime through the Internet.

  • Zero initial costs for the introduction of online measurement – payment by monthly fee.

  • No interference in your current measurement, the measurement system collects data and communicates with your current energy measurement system.

  • The online measurement system processes the measurement data required by the Slovak legislation and automatically sends it to a monitoring centre or other entity.

  • Simple and fast export of measured data into Excel spreadsheet in various forms.

Our company uses Internet power management PoverIEM, from which we can provide:

  • Monitoring of consumption (production) and electricity parameters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Power consumption monitoring in real time, in 15 minutes resolution.

  • Historical overview and archiving of measured parameters and electricity consumption.

  • Overview of electricity parameters (the active component, reactive component, power factor, reserved capacity) also by means of a diagram.

  • Continuous system surveillance over the measured data (notification), the possibility of its setting and alerts of anomalies arising in consumption via SMS message and/or e-mail.

  • Possibility of creating multiple user accounts.

In its energy audits, PPA Power DS s.r.o. provides evaluation of lighting systems in terms of their effectiveness. The energy optimisation of lighting systems is a process in which PPA Power DS s.r.o. is able to comprehensive cover:

  • Evaluation of the current state of lighting.

  • Proposal of alternative solutions with energy savings.

  • Calculation of savings and return on new lighting.

  • Lighting technical project (design of lighting, 3D visualisation), calculation of average luminance.

  • Supply of lights and accessories.

  • Implementation (provision of electrical work and installation of lighting)

  • Possibility of installing secondary measuring of energy consumption needed for lighting and monitoring in PowerIEM.