• Measuring circuits of temperatures, pressures, pressure differences, flows, levels, shifts and other physical variables
  • Special measurements, detection of toxic and combustion gases, environmental measurements
  • Systems for analysing liquids and gases
  • Control valves and drives
  • Regulators and evaluation systems
  • Connections to control and heavy current systems
  • Control systems for technological processes (DCS and PLC systems)
  • Building management systems
  • Systems for collecting and evaluating information in power engineering
  • Process analysis and creation of user software
  • Launch of technologies and optimisation
  • System integration
  • Visualisation and operator control of technological processes
  • LV and HV aerial and underground cable lines
  • LV, HV and UHV transformer and switching stations
  • Heavy-current distribution systems
  • Power protection
  • Building wiring
  • Light current systems (Fire signalling, Intrusion systems, CCTV, etc.)
  • Parking systems
  • Voice communication
  • Detection and repair of faulty LV power cables (lines)
  • Detection and localization of ground power and communication lines
  • Supply of electric power for tunnels – HV, LV, UPS, backup sources
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Tunnel radio
  • Radio connection in tunnels
  • Measuring of physical variables in tunnels
  • Emergency call telephones
  • Measuring meteorological variables
  • Traffic monitoring systems
  • Traffic management systems
  • LED variable traffic signs
  • Security systems – video surveillance, fire signalling, intrusion detection
  • Technology control systems
  • Integration of individual technological devices
  • Operator station – control rooms
  • 0.4 KV LV SMO switchboards (Rittal, Sarel, Profiline, Schrack boxes)
  • 0.4 kV LV switchboards for nuclear power plants (SMO-S, SBO, NRS-S)
  • RVB modular switchboards with sliding blocks (Logstrup boxes)
  • System switchboards for control systems, servers and PC’s
  • Industrial and data communications switchboards
  • Compensation switchboards
  • Wall-mounted NRS and NRS-P switchboards
  • Control room panels and desks
  • Traffic signs
  • Integrated light-current distribution systems
  • LAN, MAN and WAN data networks
  • Cisco solutions
  • Structured copper and fibre optic cabling systems
  • Data centres
  • Detection and repair of faulty copper and fibre optic communication cables
Management and administration reports

  • Preparing and reviewing budgets
  • Records of costs and management processes
  • Coordination of suppliers

Technical management

  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs of technical facilities
  • Expert inspection and technical testing of classified technical equipment:
    – electrical
    – gas
    – pressure

Non-technical management

  • Waste management
  • Road maintenance
  • Green maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Guard service
  • Management of energy distribution systems and equipment
  • Maintenance, repair, servicing, technical inspections and testing of electrical equipment
  • Measuring and monitoring of electric power
  • Supply of electric power and optimisation of electric power consumption
  • Audits
  • Warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance of all supplied systems and equipment
  • Calibrations and repairs of physical and chemical measurement systems
  • Calibration of temperatures, pressures and electrical quantities AC/DC
  • Infrared measurements
  • Roads
  • HV and LV power lines
  • Gas pipeline
  • Water pipeline
  • Foul water drainage and storm sewers


LED VTS Showroom

In 2019, we managed to set up and open a showroom of LED-based variable traffic signs (LED VTS). Our subsidiary, PPA INŽINIERING, s.r.o., has become the exclusive representative of DMV, the Serbian manufacturer of electronic [...]

We have been mentioned …

In 2016 we carried out the order of R2 motorway Ruskovce-Pravotice. The case study of the motorway information system on the stated section of the motorway was prepared together with the manufacturer, and published on the site of the manufacturer of the [...]


We are a team of expects
Energy supply, protection, management of devices and equipment cover the team of selected experts.
Customised solutions
We adapt to the specific client’s requirements and the type of their orders.
Price – Performance ratio
We are not dependent on subcontractors and always offer optimum solutions in price-performance ratio.
Strategic market position
Balanced economic situation of our company is also a guarantee of stability for our clients.
We are holders of the certificates: quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system.


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