Who are we

Company description

PPA CONTROLL, a.s. is a company that implements deliveries and engineering services with a long-term focus on addressing customer requirements that are optimal from a technical and pricing point of view. It deals with the implementation of investment units and reconstruction in all areas of industry and civil engineering.

PPA CONTROLL, a.s. is available to be a partner in solving problems in the area of heavy current, instrumentation and control technology, control systems, security systems, fire protection, cabling and computer networks.

In these areas, our company carries out analyses, studies, project documentation, engineering and consulting activities, supplies of instruments and equipment as well as installation and commissioning, including repairs and maintenance. The company also produces high-quality switchboards.

PPA CONTROLL, a.s. provides highly-qualified operation and maintenance of all technical equipment supplied, which ensures efficient energy consumption.

Why to choose PPA CONTROLL

  • Your issues with energy supply, protection and control of instruments and equipment will be solved by a team of experts selected from our 800 experienced employees.
  • Solution will be tailored to your needs, flexible to respond to your special requirements.
  • Our designers are not dependent on certain equipment manufacturers; we offer solutions using the optimal combination of different equipment from world famous manufacturers, which creates the best cost to quality ratio.
  • Long-lasting stable economic situation of the company is a guarantee of long-term cooperation for our current and future customers.
  • All activities in the optimisation process within our company are governed by the principle of “quality improvement and cost reduction”, which is a documented by quality management system standards ISO 9001, certified by the renowned Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, Ltd. Our environmental management system established according to ISO 14001 standards serves to improve the management of impact of operational activities on the environment and our occupational health and safety management system established and certified according to OHSAS 18001 standards is focused mainly on the prevention and minimisation of risks in carrying out operational activities at the workplace.
  • PPA CONTROLL, a.s. benefits from the geographical distribution of its own branches in Slovakia.

Company structure