Project Description

Motorway D1 Beharovce – Fričovce put into operation in 2003 with a length of about 16 km consists of three sections: 1. Beharovce – Branisko tunnel, 2. Branisko – Široké tunnel, 3. Široké – Fričovce

  • Technological nodes

  • Cut-off signal-circuit controllers

  • Variable traffic signs and road light signalling

  • Meteorological stations

  • Cabling for ISD in the section of the Branisko – Široké tunnel

  • Connecting technology to CRS Branisko tunnel

  • Implementation of technology and computer networks

  • Integration of a closed TV circuit

  • Integration and visualisation of traffic counters

  • Integration and visualisation of SOS report system

  • Integration and visualisation of security system

  • Integration of vehicle height measuring