Project Description

PPA CONTROLL, a.s. implemented a complete technological part of the Bôrik tunnel – 2 x 1,000 m as the direct general contractor for the National Motorway Company, Inc.

Commissioning in 12/2009

  • Power supply of the tunnel (2 x 22 KV substation, LV switchboards – power supply of technological equipment, 2 x rotary, 2 x diesel generator)

  • Supply of the main tunnel lighting, LED fire and guiding lighting

  • Supply of the central control system

  • Measurement of physical quantities – opacity, CO, air flow, temperature

  • Drive-simulator for operators with a simulation of incidents

  • Security system (SOS boxes, closed TV circuit + transmission of images to the police and the Fire and Rescue Corps)

  • Electric fire signalling systems

  • Wireless connection in the tunnel (Slovak Radio, mobile operators, police, Fire and Rescue Corps, motorway maintenance)

  • Evacuation radio system for each zone of the tunnel

  • Ventilation of the main tunnel tube, escape routes and substations

  • Traffic control throughout the virtual tunnel, including access roads to the tunnel (variable traffic signs and traffic lights – supply and installation)

  • Technical equipment of the tunnel to permit ADR transport (ADR number plate detection and recognition system)