CSA Hygiene Titulka

SCA Hygiene s.r.o.

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PS02 HV connection and VH6 substation switchboards Transformer delivery, installation and HV connection Delivery and installation of HV disconnectors including connection to HV supply in VH4 Delivery and installation of switchboards in the VH6 substation, fields RH11/x and RH12/x, and their connection to respective transformers Delivery and installation of RC11 and RC12 compensation switchboards on

AOC Gagarinova Titulka

Administrative business center Gagarinova Bratislava

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Delivery and installation of complete heavy current and light current wiring, cable support systems and installation of terminators in the newly built administrative and shopping center Low-voltage connection delivery and installation LV cable relocation Services: individual, complex testing, commissioning, personnel training, participation in guarantee testing


Zuckermandel – ČSOB bank

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Installation of heavy-current wire distributors and lighting circuits Central battery system Actual execution documentation preparation

Derby Titulka

Derby&Derbyshire WTC

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Production, delivery and installation of switchboards, interconnecting boxes, switch boxes Delivery and installation of 110 V DC and 400 V AC UPS Delivery and installation of armoured cables, cable support systems for low voltage distribution, instrumentation and optical networks Testing of cable systems, instrumentation and optical networks Engineering support of the project and installation