Project Description

Information systems – Modernisation and Safety Improvement of NPP V2

Complete supply, installation, testing and commissioning of multi-level, hierarchic, integrated information – control systems for both NPP V2 units, which are used for the collection, visualisation and data archiving serving for:

  • Monitoring, documenting, analysing and managing the course of technological processes in real time
  • Provision of information supporting safe and economic management of operation of the NPP V2 units.

The scope of work within the project:

  • Development of project documentation at the level of implementation project.
    Complete implementation of delivery, installation, activation and commissioning.
  • Production of all distributors in MMI and Electronics.
  • Installation of hardware, including configuration and activation.
  • Installation of software, including configuration and activation.
  • Development of visualisation software based on the customer’s assignment.
  • Development of special software based on the customer requirements.
  • Development of programs and implementation of FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) tests with the participation of the customer’s personnel.
  • Development of PKV and KV programs and their implementation on site in the presence of the customer’s personnel.
  • Delivery of the actual implementation documentation and accompanying technical documentation for each stage of implementation and after completion of work.
  • Delivery of quality documentation.
  • Preparation of documentation for the operating rules.
  • Training of the customer’s personnel.