Project Description

Engineering activities – ELECTRICAL and CMS for MO34 – Secondary part
Scope of work:

  • Project management
  • Project documentation of the „Detail Design” stage
  • Documentation of the actual construction
  • Project supervision on site
  1. Inspection on site
  2. Handling of project deviations
  3. Resolution of potential collisions
  4. Proposal of alternative solutions arising during implementation
  • Processing of 3D PDMS model
  • Main and side cable routes (> 200 mm)

CMS and Electrical switchboards and project documentation for the Electrical part:

  • Layout of the location of equipment
  • 2D drawings of main and side cable routes and the layout of beams
  • 2D drawings fire protection cable routes
  • 2D drawings of grounding of cable routes
  • Computing reports – sizing of cables
  • Lists of cable route sections
  • Design and localisation plan of power cables
  • Setting electrical protection of devices
  • Interconnection diagrams
  • Technical reports
  • Bill of material