Project Description

General electrical part for the 3rd and 4th unit of the NPP

Design, supply, installation and individual testing of complete sets of equipment of general electrical parts for the nuclear power plant – own consumption. Supply, installation and commissioning of measuring and control instruments for an alternator, power outlet and own consumption and the control and information system of electrical parts of the NPP.

Implementation consists of the production, testing, delivery and installation, including:

  1. Implementation project documentation
  2. Accompanying technical and eligibility documentation
  3. Engineering activities, FAT testing and commissioning
  • Complete set of 6 KV switchboards
  • 6 KV encapsulated conductors
  • HV/LV transformers
  • Low voltage segmental and secondary switchboards in the conventional part of the NPP.
  • Low voltage segmental switchboards in the nuclear part of the NPP.
  • Rectifiers, inverters and converters
  • Batteries and uninterruptible power supplies UPS
  • Measurement and control system of own consumption and control and diagnostic system of power supply
  • Control and information system in combination with optical technological network for data collection and evaluation