Project Description

Complete implementation of field instrumentation and electrical parts for the 3rd and 4th unit of the NPP

Complete delivery, assembly, installation and commissioning of parts of the control and management system and electrical systems for the nuclear island of the NPP, including:

  1. Implementation project documentation
  2. Accompanying technical and eligibility documentation
  3. Engineering activities and collaboration in commissioning

Scope of supply and all related implementation work:

  • Sensors of technological media parameters – continuous and limit (measurements of temperature, absolute and relative pressures and pressure differences, chromatographs and analysers of chemical measurements – pH, humidity, concentrations of O2, H2, K, Na, Cl and boric acid)
  • Signal converters
  • Hermetic and non-hermetic cable entry systems and pipe entry systems
  • Cabling routes and impulse line routes
  • Shut-off valves and other structural elements of measuring circuits, assembly stands
  • Concentration and junction boxes