Project Description

PPA Power DS s.r.o. is a supplier of energy services to the local distribution network operator of electricity and gas. We focus on professional supervision, consulting and legislative management of the Extensa park site near Trnava. Its activities for final customers ensure:

  • Advice when buying electricity and gas.

  • Legislative management of the local distribution network.

  • Collaboration in the design and development of the local energy network.

  • Provision of IT solutions for data acquisition and energy management on site.

  • Creation and registration of new points of delivery and certification pursuant to legal regulations.

  • Creation and approval of distribution price lists, consumption metering and billing of consumption.

  • Implementation of smart metering systems according to Decree 358/2013 Coll.

  • Remote monitoring, metering and transmission of data to OKTE, SEPS and regional distributors.

  • Processing of billing documents for all customers within the MDS.

  • Analysis of network quality, load and performance measurement.