Project Description

PPA Power DS s.r.o. operates a high-voltage and low-voltage local distribution network with electricity supply to final consumers of the industrial park. The operation further includes:

  • Creation and approval of distribution price lists, consumption metering and billing of consumption.
  • Implementation of smart metering systems according to Decree No. 358/2013 Coll.
  • Remote monitoring, metering and transmission of data to OKTE, SEPS and regional distributors.
  • Processing of billing documents for all customers within the MDS.
  • Power factor compensation
  • Analysis of network quality, load and performance measurement.


  • Authorisation to operate under the Energy Act and the responsible representative authorised to perform the activities of distribution.
  • Monitoring of the actual wording of laws and RONI regulations, arrangement of the necessary permits
  • Management of operational rules, compliance with technical conditions of regional distributors
  • Development of distribution price lists
  • Rules for the allocation of assets and liabilities, costs and revenues, and rules for depreciation and accounts reporting
  • Monitoring quality standards