Project Description

List of performed works in the part – I&C and ELE

  • Dismantling 2 x 1000 KVA transformers
  • Supply and assembly of 2 x 630 KVA and 2 x 250 KVA transformers
  • Adjustment of HV fields – replacement of current transformers
  • Setting and testing protections for new transformers
  • Project documentation for reconstruction of field instruments at TN network – I&C and electrical parts
  • Supply of switchboards for CHUV3 reconstruction and modernisation
  • Reconstruction of power supply of cubicles of main HTR2 transformer station
  • Modernization of the 6 kV switchgear – NPK (max. admissible concentration) instrument transformer station
  • Reconstruction of the electric heating of natural gas at the reduction station for the incinerator
  • Connection of CV5 instrument transformer station to control system
  • Supply and installation of PV1, PV6, RM 1 switchboards
  • Reconstruction of the power supply of HTR2 main transformer substation vaults
  • Modification of the Yokogawa control system
  • Intensification of the control system and electrical substation in the UGL-DAM plant
  • Replacement of electric motor equipment, main switches, controls of informative components and doors
  • Modernisation of surface treatment on the universal granulation line (UGL) and of PH measurement in WWTP activation tanks
  • Renovation of the measurement and regulation control panel in DX 86, MIBK, DX L operations
  • Reconstruction of weighing systems VJ*H W9068 – the control system section
  • Control system reset in NH3 Warehouse
  • Reconstruction of T7S and T8S transformers – 22-25
  • HAZOP – implementation of conclusions
  • Nitric acid preheaters – C&I part
  • Reconstruction of the ZP FIQ balance measurement system
  • Modernization of digging machines – DO – a video camera system
  • Replacement of HV equipment within HTR I and HTR II (main transformer substations)
  • Modernization of substations – Circulation waterworks and of substations – Small manufacturing plants
  • Connection of TR11 and TR12 transformers
  • Replacement of HV cables within the LAD plant
  • TN reactor temperature triplication
  • Replacement of the H14 device – cabling
  • Online granulometry measurement at the UGL plant
  • Transformer modification for cable connection purposes
  • Replacement of DUDEK converters
  • HTER contact measurement
  • Reconstruction of a lighting system – project
  • DCS Upgrade
  • Modernization of HV substation 6R1 – Processing of complete documentation (construction part, HV, LV, lightning conductor) for reconstruction of substation 6R1 in building 42-20, the site of DUSLO – SBÚ A, operation ČP3
  • Optical connection – supply of materials and services associated with the implementation of an optical line between the buildings of DUSLO a.s.
  • Storage of raw materials – processing of implementation project documentation, electrical part, for the implementation of technological modifications in the operation of DUSLO, DPo
  • SW modifications and tests – deliveries of services connected with control and modifications of control system SW at operations after shutdown reconstructions
  • Restoration of the HV switchboard at Vlčie Hrdlo – supply of materials and services (preparation of an implementation project documentation, dismantling, assembly, testing, expert inspection and testing, official test)
  • Replacement of pumps P-552A,B – electrical part and I&C – supply of materials and services (installation, tests, expert inspection and testing, official test) associated with the renewal of 2 pumps at Pumping station 4
  • Replacement of HTR I and HTR II HV devices – supply of materials and services (preparation of the implementation project documentation, installation, tests, expert inspection and testing, official test) associated with the renewal of 8 HV cubicles at HTR1 and 2
  • Supply of electrical and I&C parts for the project “ H103 elevator replacement” – supply of materials and services (assembly, tests, expert inspection and testing, CS SIEMENS SIMATIC software + visualization) related to the renewal of the H103 elevator

Environmental Quality Operation Program
The lighting and wiring replacement projects are implemented within the framework of the OP CFP (Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency and the European Regional Development Fund) in order to reduce energy consumption and achieve the planned savings in operating costs. The aim of the projects is to improve the quality of lighting in workplaces by, in particular, increasing the intensity of lighting and improving the lighting uniformity. The new lighting and wiring systems take account of the extreme environment-related demands, such as dust, chemicals, vibrations, and ambient temperatures in order to reduce servicing interventions to a minimum and to allow cleaning the equipment with pressurized air or water.

DUSLO a.s. “Renewal of production unit lighting systems” – the project aimed at the renewal of lighting systems in 6 production factories with 3-shift non-stop operation, where workplaces are illuminated by artificial lighting systems covering the entire layout of each production hall, in a highly dusty and corrosive environment. The implementation of the contract includes the full replacement of cable routes, cabling, and lighting technology with a large share of innovative technologies (LED lights, intelligent DALI light control system)