In 2019, we managed to set up and open a showroom of LED-based variable traffic signs (LED VTS). Our subsidiary, PPA INŽINIERING, s.r.o., has become the exclusive representative of DMV, the Serbian manufacturer of electronic message signs in the Slovak Republic.

Showroom 1

In its production facilities located in the city of Niš, this Serbian LED VTS manufacturer also produces LED message signs, using the potential of its own laboratories and experts in the field of optics and electronics. This is also reflected in the technical design of the products, where the unique optical lens is worth mentioning, which directs and concentrates the light from the LED into the emitted light zone. At the highest level of illumination of the sign, less than 50% of the nominal current is required for each LED of different colours.

LED-based variable traffic signs are a basic tool for managing and directing traffic in road tunnels and on motorways. It helps maintain the fluency and safety of road transport. It is of key importance in times of emergency and accidents, when it is necessary to prevent further damage to property, personal injury and to protect people’s lives. In such cases, it is essential to inform drivers in good time and clearly about the occurrence of an emergency such as: fire, accident, extreme weather conditions and to prevent vehicles from entering a dangerous area.


The mentioned signs can be seen in the Považský Chlmec tunnel and its surroundings and, from August 2019, also in the Horelica tunnel and its entrances.

The quality of LED-based variable traffic signs (LED VTS) is also demonstrated in the LED VTS Showroom, which is built at the headquarters of PPA CONTROLL, a.s., based at Vajnorská 137 in Bratislava.