PPA CONTROLL received a visit on April 16, 2015 from the Republic of Cuba’s First Deputy Minister for Energy and Mines, Raúl E. García Barreiro, accompanied by Cuban Ambassador Loipa Sanchéz Lorenzo. Even though the Deputy Minister had known about PPA CONTROLL, a.s. earlier, this was his first ever visit here.
The honored guest was received by Managing Director Ing. Bystrík Berthoty, Sales Director Ing. Jozef Prevaj and Project Manager for Cuba Ing. Miroslav Gulčík.
After a short presentation of PPA CONTROLL’s activities at home and abroad, the Deputy Minister was apprised of the opportunity for PPA CONTROLL to participate in energy projects in Cuba as well as in its petrochemical and nickel ore processing industries.
PPA CONTROLL mentioned its more than ten years of operations in the Cuban market, where it is involved in modernizing the Ernesto Che Guevara Nickel Factory in Moa. The company is working directly with Energoimport, a Cuban enterprise, to restore Planta Centro, unit No. 5 in Venezuela.
At the end of the visit, both sides expressed their conviction that cooperation could develop in other near-term projects being prepared by the Cuban government, too.
Written by Miroslav Gulčík